Kumta:During the British Times Kumta was a part of the North Kanara district of the Bombay Precidency.Craft made out of Carving in sandlewood and cotton were mainly the specialty in trade.

Population Census: As of 2011 India census Kumta had a population of  27598. Males constitute 51%of the population and Female 49%.Kumta ha an avarage literacy rate of 77%. Kannada and Konkani are the main language's spoken in this Town 


Commercial Growth: The chief crops of the city are Betel Leaf,Arecanut, Aashew,Coconut. Kumta has been a center for education of Uttar Kannada district we can find here a 100 year old Gibb High School , Dr A.V Baliga College,And 2 Govt First Grade colleges.


Geography: The Town Of Kumta is sourrounded by many spots Namely Yana, Gokarna, Dhareshwar. Gokarna which is situated at a distance of 20Kms from Kumta.and the Yana is situated at the distance of 29 Kms and speciality of the temple in his place is that it can be found under massive rocks.


Kumata Municipality: Kumta Municipality was established in 1893.There are 23 wards in Kumta municipality and 23 elected members and 5 nominated members . The Kumta Municipality is situated at a distace of 6Kms from Karwar and is spread over 15.34 Sq.Kms.

The Following  Projects Have been Digitized: Public camplaint centre has gone online and is working round the clock.Public can also register their complaints through applications,telephone and online website.birth and Death Digitization,Birth and death documents have been uploaded in our website from 2008 and records from 1960 till date have been digitized.Public can check the documents through tyhe official website of the Municipality.                                                                                                            

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